Rhonda Whittington

When I was a child I dreamt of someday being a teacher. That dream at last came true for me in my late thirties. As a teacher, I agonized over the preparation of every lesson. I didnít just want the children to learn. My lesson preparation was not complete until I could imagine every childís eyes sparkling as they learned. I wanted the children to bound into the classroom each morning, passionate about learning.

When I was sixty, with no art background, I took a pastel painting class. I was hooked. Painting soon became the outlet for my imagination that teaching had once been. I paint with emotion. I hope my finished work pulls on your heart strings. In my paintings you will often view the innocence of children or baby animals or you may see farm life from days gone by. I hope my paintings make your eyes sparkle and I hope they make you feel that life is good, wholesome and full of hope and inspiration.

I will always feel rich as long as I can keep learning, growing and stretching myself to be more than I was yesterday. Every day I observe, I read about art techniques, I learn from other artists and I paint taking risks in my work. My life will be fulfilled as long as I have an outlet for my imagination, keep growing and bring a little joy your way.

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