These are the activities of the Association. We try to keep the dates of events current, so whenever there is an update or a change, you will find them here first.


MARCH 16 GPAG — Café Lecture, The Sponge: Passageways and Channels, Innumerably Branching, 7 pm
APRIL 13-14 WORKSHOP: Debra Tate-Sears — Watercolour rooftops
20 GPAG — Café Lecture, Unlikely Collaborations: Politics of Situating Contemporary Art Alongside Historical Islamic Art, 7 pm
28 GPAG — Wayzgoose: Annual Celebration of Book Arts
JUNE 8-9 WORKSHOP: Judy Mayer-Grieve — Acrylic abstract portrait
JULY 25 Plein Art Day (Not at Pumphouse)
AUGUST 8 Plein Art Day (Not at Pumphouse)
25 WORKSHOP: Bill Biddle — Acrylic techniques
SEPTEMBER 22 WORKSHOP: Wayne Moore — Acrylic flowers. Also with Watercolours and Pastel
OCTOBER 26-27 WORKSHOP: Doug Mays — Very loose watercolour
NOVEMBER 18 WORKSHOP: John Anderson — Acrylic
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