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For many of our workshops the artist provides pictures and a recommended supplies list. It is recommended that you use the pictures to sketch out your preferred drawing in advance of the workshop. For most people, this is the PDF files. Wherever possible, we will provide images in JPG and PDF formats. The JPGs are for those who wish to manipulate the image for their preference. While not recommended, participants may bring their own reference photo.

NOTE:  If you need/want a glossy picture (approximately 8x10) for a workshop, (where one is available,) you need to let the Workshop Coordinator know in advance. It will cost you $4 in advance, and you must pick it up at the Pumphouse before the workshop. It will NOT be delivered to you, and if you say you want a photo, you are committed to it.

Click on the Checkmark beside the item to open the file.

Artist Piece PDF JPG Notes
Debra Tate-Sears
April 13-14, 2018

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