Atanur Dogan Supplies

NOTE: It is not necessary to go out and buy more supplies for this workshop. Your usual palette, brushes and paints will do just fine.

That said, this supplies list is based on several year's experience with this exciting artist. They are not standard supplies, so you won't find a list of brushes, a suggested colour palette, or even paper. The best description of Atanur's technique is that he literally, "Puts the water in watercolour." He paints spontaneously, with his colours chosen with feel, and based on tonal values.

So, based on our experience here are a few suggestions:

Bring the largest palette you have. Mix your paints liberally, and don't worry so much about a clean palette. Save that until the end.
Fill it with many bright colours. When asked what colour he is using, he doesn't know. He paints by tonal value, so if it is in the neighborhood when he squints, it's ok. The more colours you have the higher the opportunity to find a colour that suits the tone you are looking for.
Use at least a half sheet of artist's quality paper. Consider 140 lb cold press. This style is better suited for larger paintings, and gives you plenty of room to experiment. Atanur's are usually full sheets, plus. He simply mounts them on cardboard, and props them slightly at an angle. By using the larger format you allow yourself to apply colour, and not be stuck in a limited and controlled environment. Allow drips and blooms to happen.
Use whatever brushes you have. Atanur uses a modified Da Vinci brush (similar to the ones seen here.) His brushes hold a lot of water (and paint,) and can do everything from large washes to thin lines. As he uses his brushes it is a dab here, a slash of colour there, a brush full of water there, and a thin line somewhere else. It's controlled chaos, but it works.
If you are going to "put the water in watercolour", you need to have plenty of water available to you while you paint. The rain barrel is an exaggeration, but a small jar of water just will not cut it. Think at least two margarine containers.
There are several other sundry items you may want to include among your supplies:
  • paper towels or rags — given the amount of water you might use
  • sketchbook or a few sheets of drawing paper
  • your might want to bring your own photograph, something you would like to paint

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