Silva Talmassons

After retirement the starting point was the Burlington Art Centre, where I took my first art course, joined the group of volunteers and never looked back. My interest in acrylics was inspired by my teachers, the wonderful strong colours and the contrasts that can be achieved with this medium. The love for the natural beauty of the landscapes that surround us is the inspiration for many of my paintings. I carry in my heart the vision of the places I have visited, while I look through the window of my imagination at the ones I hope to visit someday. I define myself as a “work in progress” because I feel there is so much to learn and to explore. My motto is: “As long as I am alive I can learn and as long as I can learn I am alive”. My approach to art is very real, my technique traditional, my colours vibrant and my passion strong. Through it all, the wonder of being able to create is still overwhelming.

BC — Waiting for Breakfast
20"x24", $400

The Prairies
20"x24", $400

Sunflowers at Sunset
24"x30", oil, $300

Toxic No More
16"x20", $350

The Beauty of the Cold
18"x24", oil, $350

The Vineyard
12"x16", oil, $250

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