Flora Hutterer

I was born in Hamilton, completed university in Ottawa, I then have experienced different cultures through work abroad and travel. The unexpected and original as well as traditional have an intended place in my art.

My belief is that each painting is a part of oneself, represents the talents and wisdom of the artist, and directly and honestly communicates the message. Life energy of the artist flows to the audience through the creative process. Each work of art is unique. I use traditional and modern techniques.

In a watercolour, the influence of water on paint pigment and paper is most interesting. There is an unpredictable component to water and as an artist, I must use intuition and knowledge to control this often surprising but welcome affect. In my acrylic paintings, as well as watercolour, I intend to manipulate the rules of composition, colour, and shape. My passion has been fueled by historical and modern artists, such as Waterhouse, O'keeffe, Labadang and Morell.

Approaching Storm on the Ridge
20"x12", watercolour

16"x18" framed

Floral Rhythm
22"x22", watercolour

In the Shadow Behind You
16"x20", watercolour

Water Flower
26"x20", watercolour

Spring Blossoms
17"x19", watercolour

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