Dave Morley

Originally I studied watercolour so I could do landscapes, but I found that it is the old buildings of urban landscapes that I really enjoy doing. There's something to be said about the geometric shapes and their relationships with one another.

I took my watercolour training through Mohawk College, but the real development came with the help of the members of the Pumphouse. In addition, I have taken many workshops through the Pumphouse, so it is these artists who have added to my knowledge base.

I've had the honour of participating in group exhibitions that include the LPAA Annual Show, Etobicoke Civic Centre, the Grimsby Gallery and at McMaster Innovation Park. My work has also been featured at the Grimsby Gallery/Library. My work has also been purchased for private collections, businesses, and government agencies.

Houses on Evans Street

Rust 'n Rheem

Retired SOLD

Gingerbread Window

Red Escape SOLD

Groovy Baby

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