Art Show Guidelines

  1. All participants must be current members of Lakeside Pumphouse Artists' Association (for at least one month prior to the Show date).
  2. The completed Entry Form and Entry Fee must be submitted on or before the announced deadline. Members who do not submit on time will be put on a Waiting List.
  3. All cheques are to be made out to Lakeside Pumphouse Artists' Association and sent to the exhibition contact person.
  4. You may submit two (2) paintings; none wider than 36 inches.
  5. Affix the Identification Label to the BACK of your painting, in the lower left corner when you bring it for hanging.
  6. Please make sure that your artworks are in quality frames (if applicable), wired properly with D clips, and ready to hang. Place D clips at the back on both sides, between 1/4 and 1/3 of the way down. The wire should be at least 3" below the top of the frame. Wet pictures, and faulty or poorly wired frames will not be accepted for entry.

    View this Federation of Canadian Artists resource for 'Preparing Your Artwork for Hanging'.

  7. Members unable to do any of the Show Duties over the weekend should refrain from entering the show.
  8. Artwork sold during the show may be taken by the purchaser at the time of sale. The artist will be contacted for a possible replacement.
  9. Artwork not sold must remain in place in the exhibition area until the close of the show on Sunday.
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